Thursday 24 February 2022

Recent decisions + this Sunday - please read carefully

To the whole St Mark’s church family,

This email is to let you know about some recent decisions of our church overseers and pastors, and to make sure you have everything you need to know for this coming Sunday.  Please read through to the end.

Our overseers and pastors met together last weekend and made the following decisions:

1)  Morning Congregations Service Times

From the beginning of March (Sunday 6th), the morning services will move permanently to start-times of 8:00am and 10:00am.  We are grateful to all who have sent feedback on this proposal, and this change seems to be widely supported.

2)  Masks

From this coming weekend, masks will no longer be mandated indoors at church services or events.  This means that people will be free to attend without wearing a mask.  However, in line with government advice we are still encouraging the wearing of masks indoors, and we want to urge church members to continue to be mindful of the needs of the vulnerable and anxious amongst us in making their decisions.  But above all, we trust that church members will graciously respect the freedom people now have to make different choices in this matter.

3)  Live-Streaming

The live-streaming of the 10am service each week will continue for the time being.  This decision won’t be reviewed again until early April.  The service will be available each week for live viewing at 10am and will be available for play-back from the YouTube channel any time after that.

4)  Morning Tea/Supper

Morning teas/suppers after church will continue to be held outside if weather permits.  However, from now on, in the event of rain on any given Sunday, morning teas/suppers will be permitted in the church hall instead (as a wet weather option only).

5)  This Sunday

Finally, for those not attending church in person this week, here is the link for our 10am live-stream:

To access online sermon and service outlines, please go here: 

Your brother and servant,