Thursday 17 March 2022

This Sunday (20-03-2022)

To everyone at St Mark’s,

This Sunday our 8am service will proceed as normal.  Our 10am service will be the Preschool Service in the hall (please come and look for opportunities to talk to our many visitors).  Our 5pm service will be a Family Meal in the church hall ($10 per adult for dinner).

As a result of it being an unusual Sunday in many respects, we’ve made the decision not to live-stream any of the services this week.  Our normal live-stream will resume the week after.

The sermon that will be preached on Sunday at 8am and 5pm will be recorded, as always, and will be available for you to download/listen probably by Monday afternoon next week.  You can find it on most major podcast platforms (search “St Mark’s Sermons”) or from our church website here:  St Mark's Sermon Audio

As always, if you would prefer to read the sermon script (rather than listen) you can find that here (from Saturday night):  St Mark's Sermon Scripts

Your servant,